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artsprojekt, creature from the black lagoon, creature double feature, horror, gill-man, memorabilia, fictional animal, Toho, father surrogate, Boston, Philadelphia, unmarried man, Universal Horror, larva, Hammer Studios, father-figure, American International Pictures, achromatic colour, Roger Corman, father figure, kaiju, safety feature, tokusatsu, signor, inkiness, achromatic color, hexapod, chordate, signior, metazoan, hooray henry, conceptus, fertilized egg, grass widower, posseman, baboo, british capacity unit, divorced , T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
piranha, gold, teeth, fish, water, blood, angry, fishy, fishing, dishwater, family (biology), distilled water, Greek language, bath water, Pacific Ocean, a testudineus, beryciform, binary compound, meltwater, deep sea, soft water, species, limewater, genus, ground water, Atlantic Ocean, well water, sport fish, food fish, fingerling, cartilaginous fish, chondrichthian, climbing perch, bantoid language, northern snakehead, mouthbreeder, spawner, menorrhea, menstrual blood, cord blood, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
zombie, zombies, monster, green, undead, spectral color, imaginary creature, imaginary being, bugbear, mythical monster, viridity, chromatic color, spectral colour, chrome green, olive-green, chromatic colour, dead soul, decedent, greenishness, deceased person, yellowish green, paris green, bluish green, bottle green, dead person, pea green, mythical creature, jade green, living dead, sea green, yellow green, sage green, olive green, blue green, greenness, bugaboo, bogeyman, boogeyman, zombi, booger, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
luchador, mexican, wrestling, wrestler, nacho, libre, muscle, macho, skeletal muscle, bravery, bantamweight, Histrionic personality disorder, featherweight, masculinity, striated muscle, virility, levator, male chauvinism, supinator, runaway evolution, pronator, Frits Staal, middleweight, welterweight, tortilla chip, musculus, flyweight, contractile organ, light heavyweight, anatomical sphincter, mexican-american, involuntary muscle, male person, tensor, sphincter muscle, matman, ocular muscle, antagonistic muscle, hand-to-hand stru, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
zombie, hungry, deceased person, Schengen Agreement, decedent, Hungarian language, dead soul, Finno-Ugric languages, dead person, Indo-European languages, living dead, Central Europe, zombi, Carpathian Basin, deceased, Slovakia, departed, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Budapest, European Union, NATO, OECD, Visegrád Group, official language, Ancient Rome, Hungarian people, Stephen I of Hungary, Holy Crown of Hungary, culture, Ottoman Hungary, Austria–Hungary, Celt, Árpád, Kingdom of Hungary, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
artsprojekt, zombie, undead, red, teeth, blood, vampire, monsters, creatures, body fluid, List of Pokémon, stayer, Fictional character, bodily fluid, Pokémon (anime), marine creature, Pokémon, liquid body substance, media franchise, arterial blood, video game, blood clot, anime, grume, manga, blood stream, trading card, moulter, Satoshi Tajiri, bloodstream, mascot, canine tooth, Power station, eyetooth, Fictional universe, milk tooth, Pokémon types, primary tooth, continent, deciduous tooth, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
slacks, camise, Dundee Canal Industrial Historic District, evening shirt, Passaic, New Jersey, daishiki, New York Times, dashiki, 1926 Passaic Textile Strike, work-shirt, Great Depression, kurta, t-shirt, hair shirt, dress shirt, sport shirt, polo shirt, tank top, tee shirt, detritus, rubble, debris, garment, dust, junk, jersey, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
sad, glum, happy, glib, trash, mask, brown, hiding, paper toweling, complexion, papier-mache, paper bag, paper-mache, paper tape, score paper, oilpaper, india paper, waste paper, wax paper, packsack, transfer paper, roofing paper, tar paper, tracing paper, manilla paper, carbon paper, composition board, cartridge paper, blueprint paper, money laundering, sheet of paper, blotting paper, litmus paper, tucker-bag, manila paper, greaseproof paper, crepe paper, drawing paper, filter paper, haversack, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
artsprojekt, skull, color, hipsta, speakers, sound, fun, entertainment, reciter, babbler, chatterer, ranter, conversationalist, spouter, prattler, telephoner, stammerer, verbaliser, stutterer, alliterator, phoner, caller-up, native speaker, conversationist, asker, querier, questioner, mutterer, motormouth, mentioner, lisper, enquirer, drawler, speechifier, schmoozer, driveller, mumbler, murmurer, jabberer, noisiness, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
turkey, thanksgiving, pilgrims, artsprojekt, fete day, public holiday, legal holiday, meleagris gallopavo, domestic fowl, feast day, national holiday, tom turkey, thanksgiving day, journeyer, wayfarer, gobbler, poultry, fowl, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
groovy, disco, girl, female, bell-bottom, star, funk, funky, sheep bell, Denmark, shop bell, Record producer, electric bell, House music, fire bell, remix, gamine, hit record, warning bell, United States, fixed star, record chart, cascabel, Remix, tocsin, may queen, Sun Is Shining, acoustic device, Hot Dance Club Play, signaling device, Top 40, female mammal, Grace Jones, hoyden, Pull Up to the Bumper, soubrette, mill-girl, queen of the may, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
brain, ice, freeze, cartoon, artsprojekt, lyophilization, Human skull, freeze-drying, drink, hailstone, Referred pain, lyophilisation, sphenopalatine ganglion, phase transition, pain, state change, headache, temperature reduction, food, physical change, ice cream, rime, ice pop, neural structure, palate, phase change, cartoon strip, water ice, black ice, comic strip, hoarfrost, wittiness, encephalon, witticism, cooling, chilling, funnies, icicle, freezing, icing, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
artsprojekt, red, skull, teeth, zombie, monsters, creatures, bicuspid, George H. W. Bush, incisor, Undergraduate education, cuspid, senior (education), premolar, Wolf's Head (secret society), marine creature, secret society, decedent, stayer, New Haven, Connecticut, dead soul, Scroll and Key, deceased person, alumni, deciduous tooth, Russell Trust Association, milk tooth, William Huntington Russell, adult tooth, Alphonso Taft, primary tooth, Daniel Coit Gilman, pureblood, University of California, eye tooth, Johns, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
ape, monkey, gorilla, blue, scary, teeth, hairy, simian, chimp, monkeys, bicuspid, Crab-eating Macaque, incisor, Southeast Asia, western chimpanzee, primate, dogtooth, Old World monkey, cuspid, New World monkey, premolar, species, sky-blue, baboon, lazuline, pan troglodytes schweinfurthii, Barbary macaque, pan troglodytes verus, Order (biology), eastern chimpanzee, Monophyly, primary tooth, Platyrrhini, deciduous tooth, Catarrhini, back tooth, hominoids, front tooth, adult tooth, permanent tooth, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
grin, purple, ape, monkey, gorilla, abnormal, gorilla gorilla gorilla, Crab-eating Macaque, pongid, Southeast Asia, eastern lowland gorilla, primate, spectral colour, Old World monkey, gorilla gorilla grauri, New World monkey, anthropoid ape, species, platyrrhinian, baboon, gorilla gorilla, platyrrhine, Barbary macaque, old world monkey, Order (biology), catarrhine, Monophyly, facial gesture, Platyrrhini, purpleness, Catarrhini, simper, hominoids, gorilla gorilla beringei, reddish blue, chromatic colour, spectral color, chromatic c, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
devil, girl, belgian griffon, Royal Court Theatre, soubrette, Royal National Theatre, leonberg, Sheffield, pug-dog, Royal Shakespeare Company, hoyden, A & C Black, tshatshke, Royal Court, tchotchke, tchotchkeleh, tsatske, may queen, queen of the may, the tempter, bow-wow, mill-girl, chachka, old nick, gamine, prince of darkness, ring girl, sweater girl, adult female, canis familiaris, jeune fille, working girl, coach dog, carriage dog, shop girl, valley girl, domesticated animal, mexican hairless, gibson girl, young lady, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
tighty, whiteys, underwear, underpants, diaper, artsprojekt, lightlessness, Vision Serpent, pitch blackness, mythology, brownout, symbolism, long johns, Dualism, skivvies, good and evil, work-shirt, dimout, evening shirt, t-shirt, kurta, camise, dashiki, daishiki, unmentionable, bvd's, underclothing, total darkness, underclothes, intimate apparel, hair shirt, dress shirt, white person, sport shirt, polo shirt, tank top, honkie, tee shirt, semidarkness, undergarment, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
werewolf, wolf, girl, zombie, brush wolf, Information asymmetry, canis latrans, party game, dead soul, USSR, prairie wolf, Dimitry Davidoff, canis rufus, canis niger, deceased person, gamine, tchotchke, tchotchkeleh, soubrette, tshatshke, hoyden, chachka, tsatske, canis lupus tundrarum, may queen, loup-garou, decedent, mythical monster, mill-girl, queen of the may, ring girl, sweater girl, adult female, jeune fille, working girl, maned wolf, shop girl, dead person, valley girl, wolf cub, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
tractors, tractor, pull, farming, greenishness, spectral colour, spectral color, chrome green, metallic element, atomic number 26, olive-green, chromatic colour, strip cropping, mixed farming, tank farming, subsistence farming, chromatic color, viridity, truck farming, alpha iron, graybeard, greybeard, old-timer, methuselah, jerker, yanker, wrester, structural iron, delta iron, gamma iron, beta iron, ingot iron, scrap iron, pig iron, galvanized iron, aquiculture, excision, dairying, tree farming, animal husbandry, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
artsprojekt, zombie, undead, red, teeth, blood, vampire, eye tooth, dogtooth, zombie (fictional), canine tooth, Zombie apocalypse, eyetooth, bicuspid, horror film, incisor, George A. Romero, cuspid, Night of the Living Dead, premolar, pandemic, milk tooth, David Emge, back tooth, Ken Foree, malposed tooth, Scott Reiniger, carnassial tooth, Gaylen Ross, front tooth, shopping mall, large integer, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, deciduous tooth, Pennsylvania, permanent tooth, Pittsburgh, adult tooth, IMDb, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
artsprojekt, clown, angry, red, eccentric person, Hip hop music, spectral colour, Loyalty (Screwball album), spectral color, New York City, chrome red, Blaq Poet, purplish red, Y2K The Album, alizarine red, Tommy Boy Records, turkey red, Mike Heron, chromatic colour, Pete Rock, federal agency, Godfather Don, government agency, purplish-red, DJ Premier, chromatic color, Screwed Up, army intelligence, Hydra Entertainment, nut case, asthma, cherry red, orange red, deep red, dark red, muggins, redness, crackpot, buffoon, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
smile, zombie, eyeball, monster, dead, undead, cemetery, grey, creepy, monsters, creatures, moulter, horror film, stayer, Comedy film, work animal, Science fiction film, molter, thriller film, marine creature, Romance film, grass bacillus, mummy, pureblood, yersinia pestis, film, hay bacillus, zombie comedy, zombie apocalypse, homeotherm, ghost, homoiotherm, vampire, being, White Zombie (film), creepy-crawly, Frankenstein (1910 film), homotherm, Victor Halperin, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
grey, gray, blue, teeth, wolf, wolves, blood, mean, scary, animals, creepy-crawly, Mythology, canine tooth, folklore, eyetooth, Shapeshifting, primary tooth, anthropomorphism, deciduous tooth, Gray wolf, milk tooth, curse, eye tooth, full moon, bicuspid, Gervase of Tilbury, incisor, Greeks, being, Petronius, dogtooth, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, cuspid, Europe, premolar, fiction, poikilotherm, silver bullet, homotherm, carnassial tooth, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
devil, girls, red, rock, music, lucky, dog, clubs, serialism, Double act, purplish red, Stan Laurel, serial music, Oliver Hardy, alizarine red, Laurel and Hardy, syncopation, purplish-red, musical composition, part music, piece of music, antiphony, instrumental music, turkey red, musical style, hoyden, monophony, ta'ziyeh, soubrette, musical genre, spectral colour, chrome red, spectral color, chromatic color, chromatic colour, petrifaction, monody, polyphony, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
pumpkin, orange, green, zoom, olive-green, ASP World Tour, chrome green, surfer, rapid climb, Kauai, Hawaii, gregorian calendar month, Quiksilver Pro France, spectral color, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, chromatic colour, Governor of Hawaii, greenishness, spectral colour, t-shirt, evening shirt, work-shirt, kurta, camise, rapid growth, daishiki, dashiki, temple orange, bitter orange, seville orange, citrous fruit, pumpkin vine, cucurbita pepo, squash vine, sour orange, chromatic color, viridity, hair shirt, yellowish green, paris gr, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
cartoon, red, gun, comic, strip, monkey, deadite, funky, superhero, monsters, creatures, platyrrhine, platyrrhinian, catarrhine, chordate, old world monkey, imaginary being, animate being, being, mythical monster, hexapod, bugbear, quaker gun, set gun, minute gun, small-arm, gas gun, spring gun, gagman, standup comedian, merry andrew, whaling gun, performing artist, predatory animal, metazoan, marine creature, moulter, stayer, pureblood, conceptus, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
saved, life, assimilator, United States, being, Music recording sales certification, wonk, WZRD (band), swot, Common (entertainer), learner, alternative hip hop, iroquois, recording artist, beingness, singer-songwriter, dweeb, guitarist, existence, actor, scholar, mixtape, grind, A Kid Named Cudi, ghetto, Day 'n' Nite, bone, Erase Me, Mr. Rager, Dot da Genius, GOOD Music, Plain Pat, Emile Haynie, record label, Universal Motown, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
cave, woman, dinosaur, caveman, adventure, artsprojekt, digital art, inamorata, Fred Flintstone, ground-shaker, Barney Rubble, seismosaur, Wilma Flintstone, primitive person, Betty Rubble, lady friend, titanosaurian, animated television series, titanosaur, materfamilias, jilt, argentinosaur, risky venture, plastic art, graphic art, ex-wife, work of art, grass widow, fine art, dangerous undertaking, artificial flower, cyberart, commercial art, saurischian dinosaur, sporting lady, lady of plea, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
t-rex, girl, caveman, cave, scifi, cowgirl, artsprojekt, fantasy, gamine, disc jockey, tchotchkeleh, singer-songwriter, queen of the may, record producer, may queen, tsatske, chachka, tchotchke, tshatshke, mill-girl, fantasy life, cowpuncher, phantasy world, phantasy life, hoyden, soubrette, geological formation, primitive person, king of the germans, crowned head, king of great britain, thymine, male monarch, pyrimidine, king of england, king of france, ring girl, sweater girl, adult female, pipe dream, T-shirt/trøje med brugerdefineret grafisk design
Om kunstnerenabnormalbrain:

Derek Ring is a commercial illustrator who designs Halloween masks and props, illustrates games, comics, silkscreens, skateboards, and whatever else seems interesting this week. He has exhibited his work in New York, Boston and and his home town of Worcester. Ladies love him, girls adore him. Even the ones who never saw him like the way that he rhymes at a show. The reason why, man, I don't know.

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