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Om kunstnerenartofjamesadams:

James Adams is a goth fantasy pinup illustrator whose art revolves around a celebration of the female form. His drawings come to life with bite and snarl - an artist that creates it like he sees it, female empowerment outside the confinement of labels. "I was five years old. I remember flipping through one of my mother's woman's magazines and there was an illustration of a female in lingerie. I felt compelled to draw it. I've been hooked ever since. I draw every moment I can. I visualize the illustration before I even buy the illustration board for it. After going through reference material, I take a walk in the park or around the corner to gather my thoughts. I love the contrasting nature of ink drawings. I've always been attracted to noir. I grew up watching The Addams Family and The Munsters. To this day, those characters still play a huge influence on my art. When color is used right, it can create moods that are unforgettable. However, black and white moodsgain a stronger presence in my head."

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Shop i den største samling af høj kvalits nordamerikanske Maple skateboards i verden. Der er millioner af skateboard designs fra store navne som Rob Dyrdek til uafhængige og lokale kunstnere. Kan du ikke finde det, du ønsker? Opret din egen skateboard gratis med dine fotos, tekst og design. Alle skateboards er lavet med komponenter af højeste kvalitet (Ricta hjul og Independent Trucks), og produceres i løbet 2-3 dage. Find din perfekte skateboard i dag.

Er du rigtig kreativ, kan du lave et design fra bunden med dine egne ord, grafik eller firmalogo, og du vil få unikke skateboard, der afspejler din personlige stil. Der er millioner af skateboard til salg, så du kan tillade dig selv at være meget præcis i dine søgeord.

Intet minimumskøb, og en 100% tilfredshed garanti på alle skateboards og skateboard butik.

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