Paint and Picture Coloring Features of our Graphic Design Software, Fatpaint

  • Paint using pen, brush, airbrush, paint bucket, clone painting, eraser and smudging tools. Full support for Pen Tablets.
  • Work with up to 8 palettes when painting, plus 13 palettes when clone painting. On each palette, you can have different paint settings.
  • Paint with dynamic brushes, effects and different blend modes. Choose from thousands of free cliparts and brush sets. Import or create your own brushes.
  • Combine multiple paintings in different layers and objects. Choose among thousands of free images to use as textures or the starting point of your artwork.
  • Crop, resize, skew, bend, distort and rotate paintings in 2D and 3D.
  • Display your graphics on custom printed products that you can buy or sell, such as t-shirts, iPad and iPhone cases, sneakers, flyers, posters, invitations, mugs, business cards and other promotional products.

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How to paint online using Fatpaint's free pixel painting and picture coloring tools

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