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artsprojekt, cup, cake, bake, sweet, vector, pink, spectral color, icing (food), chromatic colour, cake decorating, ovenbake, British English, scyphus, Australian English, solferino, spectral colour, sprinkles, chromatic color, vector sum, vector product, cross product, shirr, henry sweet, radius vector, moustache cup, variable quantity, dixie cup, yellowish pink, written language, written communication, kylix, purplish pink, cylix, grace cup, black and white, mustache cup, paper cup, small print, fine print, Poster with custom graphic design
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artsprojekt, styleuniversal, brand, logo, crest, emblem, company, business, printing business, NBCUniversal, printing company, major movie studios, Vivendi, printing concern, Carl Laemmle, takeover target, Paramount Pictures, limited company, General Electric, corporate investor, NBC, target company, NBCUniversal Television Distribution, packaging concern, Universal City, California, furniture company, Motion Picture Association of America, mining company, film company, food company, transportation company, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, thanksgiving, holiday, cooking, family, apron, cornucopia, vegetables, fruits, apples, pears, basket, grapes, squash, oranges, walnut, pieplant, Allegory, schizocarp, Abundantia, cruciferous vegetable, Rubens, dessert apple, classical antiquity, leafy vegetable, Western art, solanaceous vegetable, North America, pseudocarp, Thanksgiving, accessory fruit, pyxis, cubeb, buckthorn berry, artichoke heart, potherb, seckel, rowanberry, green goods, symbolization, Poster with custom graphic design
About the artiststyleuniversal:

I am constantly learning about this world and where my place lies within it. The saga continues...

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