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About the artistrfarrelldesign:

I love a challenge. Nothing beats a chilled vodka Martini and a great cigar with friends. As an adult, my life is still full of creativity, craziness and adventure. My life experience has truly impacted my media. Mediums have included sculpture, abstract paintings, and now this collage artwork. I use as little computer assistance as possible - Trying to keep it old school. As you guessed and will experience when viewing my work, religion and god have a strong voice in all of my art, usually negative. Growing up as a child of two creative and quite unstable artist parents, I was raised in the cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Happily I have been out of this very destructive cult for over fifteen years now.

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Make a great impression with a custom tie. Wow them at the office, a gala event or your next client meeting. A unique tie sets you apart from the crowd. Choose one of our thousands of tie designs or create your own to reflect your personal style. Ties make great gifts for Dads and husbands. What Dad wouldn't like a tie with his son's picture or his daughter's artwork? A custom tie is truly a unique gift for the guy who has everything.

If you're really creative, you can create a design from scratch with your own words, graphics or company logo, and you'll have unique tie that reflect your personal style. There are millions of tie for sale, so you can allow yourself to be very precise in your search keywords.

No minimum orders, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all tie, make tie and make a necktie.

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