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cupcake, sugar, fueled, sugarfueled, michael, banks, coallus, sprinkles, pink, rainbow, heart, icing, Bag with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, unicorn, rainbow, pony, ponies, mule, horse, sugarfueled, sugar, fueled, michael, banks, coallus, heart, love, sweet, sweets, candy, candyland, candyart, pop, surrealism, popsurrealism, lowbrow, art, sprinkles, sprinkle, ice, cream, icecream, cottoncandy, animals, cupcakes, cupcake, creepy, cute, big, eyes, bigeyes, paint, Rickshaw messenger bag with custom graphic design
coallus, michael, banks, cat, kitten, star, tattoo, art, saddlebag, New York Fashion Week, plastic art, Louis Vuitton, graphic art, Handle (grip), sandbag, wikt:bag, work of art, Fashion design, haversack, key (lock), beanbag, contraception, holdall, American English, packsack, wallet, fine art, coin, sick bag, cosmetics, drumbeat, hairbrush, bugle call, pepper spray, artificial flower, cigarette, ragbag, mobile phone, schoolbag, commercial art, Bag with custom graphic design
coallus, michael, banks, bird, birds, swallow, sparrow, anchor, nautical, tattoo, art, graphic art, noise (music), plastic art, Japan, work of art, Merzbow, artificial flower, Olivier Messiaen, commercial art, Catalogue d'oiseaux, tucker-bag, tote bag, beanbag, Gramophone record, personnel pouch, Jigokuhen (album), human remains pouch, holdall, packsack, haversack, fine art, ground tackle, grapnel, grapnel anchor, english sparrow, passer domesticus, passer montanus, waist anchor, drumbeat, Bag with custom graphic design
coallus, michael, banks, dog, puppy, bone, tattoo, art, tarsal, dog breed, xiphoid process, Dog type, tarsal bone, Docking (dog), os temporale, Spaniel, temporal bone, manubrium, toy dog, os sphenoidale, kennel club, sphenoid, Charles II of England, sternum, English Restoration, corpus sternum, King Charles Spaniel, breastbone, hip dysplasia (canine), modiolus, mitral valve disease, arcus zygomaticus, heart failure, lacrimal bone, Syringomyelia, brainpan, skull, calvaria, brain, zygomatic arch, Bag with custom graphic design
coallus, michael, banks, true, love, death, tattoo, art, beanbag, fashion accessory, personnel pouch, haversack, Charles, Prince of Wales, holdall, Christopher Bailey (Fashion Designer), packsack, fashion house, dust bag, fragrance, vacuum bag, tartan, drawstring bag, trademark, human remains pouch, trench coat, burn bag, boulder clay, Royal Warrant, fine art, London Stock Exchange, artificial flower, FTSE 100 Index, bugle call, wrongful death, drumbeat, plastic art, tucker-bag, graphic art, Bag with custom graphic design
coallus, michael, banks, flame, star, broken, perseverance, tattoo, art, graphic art, United States, plastic art, late night television, commercial art, The Tonight Show, cyberart, rosin bag, Eastern time zone, holdall, Pacific Time Zone, packsack, Central Time Zone, work of art, Mountain Time Zone, ragbag, talk show, artificial flower, Jay Leno, pertinacity, Johnny Carson, schoolbag, NBC Studios, persistency, Burbank, California, tenaciousness, Jack Paar, sandbag, High-definition television, fine art, Bag with custom graphic design
About the artistcoallus:

In a far away land called imagination... I paint candy filled scenes with broken stars that represent perseverance, bubbles of happiness and paint dripping clouds that symbolize the never ending brainstorm in my mind. I love big eyes and am addicted to sugar and caffeine. I enjoy painting, drawing, listening to music, watching movies, making noise, collecting junk, running and walking in circles. That's my life and through my art you can read my stories. I started at an early age making noise and what could be called art for a toddler. i loved living here... the beach and disney close by. around 4 to 6 years old, i had nothing better to do but wake up early to watch cartoons, bob ross, scribble in my coloring books, play with my toys and oranges in the backyard and listen to thriller.

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