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merchbooth, artsprojekt, multiple, products, selected, amanda, lynn, people, culture, social class, socio-economic class, Blindness, tradespeople, Hendersonville, North Carolina, peanut gallery, America's Next Top Model, retreated, retinitis pigmentosa, rank and file, Moscow, smart money, Prague, clientele, coevals, contemporaries, network army, business people, episcopacy, age bracket, yard goods, piece goods, developmentally challenged, uninitiate, episcopate, homebound, mycenaean civilisation, mycenaean culture, mycenaean civili, Sticker with custom graphic design
About the artistamandalynn:

Coming from a traditional fine art background, Amandalynn takes her expertise in art and painting into an array of applications. She studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an Illustration major. After school, she worked independently and freelance on many mural productions and theater set painting. Amandalynn then reached further into the study and application of paint through the automotive industry, where she painted, repaired, customized and restored motorcycles, cars, trucks, helmets, bicycles and much more. Her work in this industry taught her the necessary skills to successfully and properly restore and create sculptures for many Universities, Museums, Art Centers and private collectors.

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