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artsprojekt, figure, alien, ghost, dead, mixed media, bugger all, Existential quantification, deportee, thing, importee, adjective, fantasm, object, fanny adams, concept, metic, Frege-Church ontology, nonoccurrence, sweet fanny adams, noncitizen, relative quantity, awayness, goose egg, au pair, phantasma, nihil, outlander, slain, phantasm, zilch, foreigner, gringo, spectre, wraith, specter, naught, traveller, deficiency, Sticker with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, rage, face, yellow, mixed media, phiz, Iman Crosson, spectral colour, wikt:background, transcendency, weather forecasting, physiognomy, special effects, chromatic colour, postproduction, spectral color, compositing, yellowness, image, chromatic color, video, greenish yellow, news, timeless existence, motion picture, backcloth, videogame, preexistence, video production, external body part, post-production, lividity, BBC, brownish yellow, news presenter, human face, newscast, canary yellow, movies, old gold, Sticker with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, man, fish, black, white., he-man, academic, macho-man, Sigmund Freud, signior, unconscious mind, senhor, psychoanalytic, white anglo-saxon protestant, Freudian slip, Carl Jung, aquatic vertebrate, personal unconscious, bottom-feeder, collective unconscious, philanderer, affirmations (New Age), widowman, publication bias, womaniser, Subjectivity, inamorato, New Age, ironside, self-help, ex-husband, autosuggestion, hooray henry, Skeptical Inquirer, housefather, falsifiability, middle-aged man, testability, paterfam, Sticker with custom graphic design
About the artistMarkMellon:

Mark M. Mellon has been painting and creating artwork since 1998. After graduating high school that year, he decided that learning the disciplines of being an artist worked best when it was self taught. He studied and learned through using books and information online, Not only about art and it’s history, but also immersing himself into independent study of philosophy, psychology, mythology as well as just simply trying to live life as a human. His artwork has always been an extension of his subconscious thoughts, imagination and an attempt to interpret the universal conscious field. Where he can not communicate in words, he hopes to pass on images to make the viewers think and question, hopefully seeing something new about themselves and life. Working in various and media, his work reflects surrealistic, abstract and expressionistic values with a presence all it’s own.

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