Copyright and licenses

When using Fatpaint, you must accept not to violate any copyrights, intellectual property rights and rights of celebrity and privacy of others. You must accept not to use without permission, images of celebrities, corporate products and images not owned by you which are not covered by some form of free usage license such as Public Domain or Creative Commons licenses.

For Creative Commons licenses and other similar free usage licenses, there may exist conditions specified by the license or the owners, that you need to accept unless you have written permisison from the owners that waive them. No matter what, you still need to respect personality rights and rights to privacy. It is your responsibility to comply with copyright law and meet all terms of use.

The following resources provide information you need to know when working with images and other graphical content that was made by third parties, was downloaded from the internet or is not owned by you.

Wikipedia - Copyright
Wikipedia - Creative Commons
Creative Commons - Licenses
Commons - Photographs of identifiable people
Commons - Derivative works
Flickr - Creative Commons
Reproductions of public domain images
Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright
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