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artsprojekt, watercolor, ink, man, prophets, metaphysical, hands, waiting, apathy, ex-husband, inamorato, hooray henry, housefather, listlessness, greybeard, graybeard, ironside, middle-aged man, ejaculator, eunuch, strapper, clotheshorse, father figure, grass widower, divorced man, father surrogate, father-figure, philanderer, auspex, widowman, womaniser, meat hooks, languor, lassitude, stolidity, unemotionality, posseman, senhor, methuselah, paterfamilias, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, face, blue, green, ghosts, mixed media, incoherency, encoding (memory), unintelligibility, storage (memory), incoherence, memory, viridity, free recall, gibber, Psychologist, jabberwocky, empty words, empty talk, palaver, mummery, flummery, amphigory, olive-green, subject matter, fantasm, hokum, nonsense verse, fal la, greenishness, piffle, fiddle-faddle, chrome green, blueness, bilgewater, taradiddle, spectral color, chromatic colour, chromatic color, tommyrot, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, face, blue, green, ghosts, spectral color, spectral colour, chromatic color, chromatic colour, lazuline, chrome green, viridity, sky-blue, olive-green, physiognomy, phiz, criminal possession, greenishness, external body part, actual possession, constructive possession, fantasm, blueness, purplish blue, yellowish green, paris green, bluish green, bottle green, prussian blue, greenish blue, human face, pea green, jade green, peacock blue, steel blue, cobalt blue, powder blue, sea green, yellow green, sage green, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, figure, alien, ghost, dead, mixed media, fantasm, domestic pig, deportee, Herding dog, analog watch, Audio-Animatronics, hunting watch, Chris Noonan, sus scrofa, The Sheep-Pig, metic, importee, Border Collie, putout, Robertson, New South Wales, strikeout, British people, pendulum watch, New South Wales, stem-winder, Australia, noncitizen, visual effects, digital watch, Rhythm & Hues Studios, wrist watch, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, au pair, Australasian, pocket watch, pastoral, grunter, overdubbed, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, art, monsters, monster, shirts, illustration, drawing, ink, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, face, blue, green, ghosts, mixed media, spectral color, Theatrical scenery, spectral colour, Painted photography backdrops, chromatic color, Filming location, chromatic colour, Suplex, olive-green, Professional wrestling throws, sky-blue, viridity, chrome green, lazuline, physiognomy, phiz, dorsum, greenishness, external body part, fantasm, blueness, purplish blue, yellowish green, paris green, bluish green, bottle green, prussian blue, greenish blue, human face, pea green, body part, jade green, peacock blue, steel blue, Shirt with custom graphic design
crowns, watercolors, inks, bugs, insects, rebirth, kings, gods, queens, artsprojekt, trichopterous insect, Hip hop music, odonate, studio album, trichopteron, trichopteran, Cash Money Records, orthopterous insect, orthopteron, Universal Motown, neuropterous insect, Cool & Dre, white ant, DJ Infamous, hymenopterous insect, DJ Nasty & LVM, dipterous insect, two-winged insects, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, biting louse, rock music, thysanopter, Billboard 200, leaf miner, Billboard charts, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, figure, alien, ghost, dead, mixed media, deportee, metic, noncitizen, fantasm, importee, au pair, phantasma, outlander, slain, phantasm, foreigner, gringo, spectre, wraith, specter, tending, traveller, exile, apparition, spook, import, traveler, phantom, attention, shade, shadow, care, people, illustration, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, fish, black, white, man, mixed media, widowman, Anarchist, Statue of Liberty, unmarried man, Espionage, baboo, womaniser, Anti-Communism, signior, First Red Scare, strapper, revolution, he-man, political radicalism, macho-man, ex-boyfriend, elamite, inamorato, cassite, semite, kassite, grownup, yellow man, philanderer, white anglo-saxon protestant, male person, grass widower, divorced man, greybeard, father surrogate, father-figure, housefather, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, man, fish, black, white., he-man, academic, macho-man, Sigmund Freud, signior, unconscious mind, senhor, psychoanalytic, white anglo-saxon protestant, Freudian slip, Carl Jung, aquatic vertebrate, personal unconscious, bottom-feeder, collective unconscious, philanderer, affirmations (New Age), widowman, publication bias, womaniser, Subjectivity, inamorato, New Age, ironside, self-help, ex-husband, autosuggestion, hooray henry, Skeptical Inquirer, housefather, falsifiability, middle-aged man, testability, paterfam, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, figure, alien, ghost, dead, mixed media, metic, ecdysis, hemimetabolism, nymph (biology), hemimetaboly, dragonfly, importee, developmental biology, organic process, cell growth, fantasm, cellular differentiation, hemimetamorphosis, Mollusca, biological process, deportee, animal, heterometaboly, birth, holometabolism, body, holometaboly, insect, noncitizen, amphibian, heterometabolism, crustacean, au pair, Cnidaria, phantasma, echinoderm, metabolism, tunicate, outlander, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, figure, alien, ghost, dead, cloakroom, coatroom, MySpace, vapor bath, Heath Saraceno, white room, Hot Water Music, checkroom, bassist, left-luggage office, Jason Black, vapour bath, Mike Glita, snuggery, cutting room, darkroom, cubbyhole, clubroom, conference room, steam room, sleeping room, sleeping accommodation, bedchamber, stowage, ginmill, taproom, sun parlor, billiard hall, council chamber, storeroom, billiard parlour, billiard room, billiard saloon, billiard parlor, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, figure, alien, ghost, dead, mixed media, deportee, Depiction, importee, shape, fantasm, drawing, metic, Figure (wood), monas, Figure (music), monad, Primary mirror, noncitizen, Noise figure, au pair, Dance figure, phantasma, Vivian Davis Figures, outlander, human physical appearance, slain, phantasm, singleton, foreigner, gringo, spectre, wraith, specter, traveller, digit, exile, apparition, spook, import, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, tiki, masks, war, polynesian, figres, watercolors, inks, hands, tshirts, art, t-shirts, printer's ink, List of ThunderClan cats, magnetic ink, List of WindClan cats, drawing ink, List of ShadowClan cats, fine art, List of RiverClan cats, kurta, fiction, writing ink, HarperCollins, water-colour, Erin Hunter, water-color, pseudonym, austronesian, Kate Cary, indelible ink, Cherith Baldry, work-shirt, Tui Sutherland, wash drawing, Victoria Holmes, t-shirt, The Fourth Apprentice (Warriors), work of art, Shirt with custom graphic design
e-smoking, electronic, cigarette, smoking, drawings, monsters, yeti, bigfoot, t-shirts, mythical monster, leased lines, bugbear, Intranet, pyrimidine, thymine, nontextual matter, imaginary creature, imaginary being, camise, work-shirt, kurta, meal ticket, conveniences, daishiki, dashiki, t-shirt, evening shirt, filter-tipped cigarette, fat-soluble vitamin, cubeb, roll of tobacco, alpha-tocopheral, coffin nail, cubeb cigarette, vitamin e, external respiration, tocopherol, bread and butter, legendary creature, creature comforts, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, gods, poseidon, mythology, greek, watercolors, tridents, crowns, late greek, Greek language, medieval greek, Enceladus (mythology), new greek, Giants (Greek mythology), indo-european language, Etruscan mythology, indo-hittite, Neptune (mythology), water-colour, Thebes, Greece, wash drawing, sea, water-color, Ta Nea, middle greek, Troizinia, byzantine greek, metaphor, supreme being, earthquake, hellenic language, Greek mythology, indo-european, Nethuns, norse mythology, Roman mythology, modern greek, Linear B, classical , Shirt with custom graphic design
faces, oil, sticks, arylics, ink, lady, woman, child, father, hope, t-shirts, art, shirts, artsprojekt, thymine, Choking, pyrimidine, rubber, female person, plastic, father-in-law, silicone, begum, nipple, writing ink, infant, camise, teat, dashiki, swallowing, bachelor girl, maenad, piccaninny, picaninny, grownup, male parent, kindergartner, yellow woman, printer's ink, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, figures, psychology, mental, ghosts, tshirts, art, psychometry, Diya (light), psychometrics, Sanskrit, psychometrika, Hinduism, cyberart, experimental psychology, psychonomics, physiological psychology, fine art, artificial flower, commercial art, fantasm, social psychology, work of art, graphic art, differential psychology, psychopathology, psychophysiology, applied psychology, psychological science, scientific discipline, abnormal psychology, plastic art, industrial psychology, child psychology, developmental psyc, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, t-shirts, e-cigarette, e-cigarettes, vaping, caterpillars, alice, wonderland, spodoptera frugiperda, tobacco hornworm, spodoptera exigua, fall armyworm, tomato worm, manduca quinquemaculata, silkworm, manduca sexta, potato worm, potato tuberworm, phthorimaea operculella, cankerworm, measuring worm, cutworm, pseudaletia unipuncta, beet armyworm, armyworm, army worm, shortfin mako, isurus oxyrhincus, pieris rapae, mackerel shark, longfin mako, blue pointed, isurus glaucus, isurus paucus, bonito shark, tent caterpillar, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, art, illustration, monsters, monster, halloween, ink, drawing, Shirt with custom graphic design
About the artistMarkMellon:

Mark M. Mellon has been painting and creating artwork since 1998. After graduating high school that year, he decided that learning the disciplines of being an artist worked best when it was self taught. He studied and learned through using books and information online, Not only about art and it’s history, but also immersing himself into independent study of philosophy, psychology, mythology as well as just simply trying to live life as a human. His artwork has always been an extension of his subconscious thoughts, imagination and an attempt to interpret the universal conscious field. Where he can not communicate in words, he hopes to pass on images to make the viewers think and question, hopefully seeing something new about themselves and life. Working in various and media, his work reflects surrealistic, abstract and expressionistic values with a presence all it’s own.

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