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artsprojekt, william webb, bowling, sports, skull, crossbones, fire, pins, athletic game, cross pattée, natural event, Black Cross (Teutonic Order), balefire, cross, scarfpin, 1219, funambulism, Kingdom of Jerusalem, field sport, Teutonic Order, gymnastic exercise, Cross of Jerusalem, brush fire, World War I, stickpin, World War II, tie tack, military decoration, tiepin, scatter pin, German Empire, grassfire, smoulder, breastpin, Breslau, martha beatrice potter webb, Shirt with custom graphic design
artsprojekt, william webb, bowling, sports, skull, crossbones, fire, pins, bowling shirt, brush fire, cross pattée, balefire, Black Cross (Teutonic Order), grassfire, cross, breastpin, 1219, smoulder, Kingdom of Jerusalem, gymnastic exercise, Teutonic Order, field sport, Cross of Jerusalem, athletic game, World War I, natural event, World War II, work-shirt, military decoration, scatter pin, daishiki, German Empire, dashiki, evening shirt, kurta, Breslau, t-shirt, Shirt with custom graphic design
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About the artistwilliamwebbii:

Over the past several years William's unique style and incredible rendering ability have earned him the reputation as one of today's top tattoo artists. Highly detailed original tattoo art by William Webb sets new standards of creativity and technical achievement. As owner of the renowned Evolution Tattoo Studio, he is a credit to the entire tattoo industry. Billy's talent, character and passion for tattooing has earned him the respect and admiration of the world's best illustrators.

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