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We have made a good faith effort to only include graphical resources in the editor, which are royalty free, appear to be in the public domain, have some other form of free commercial license, are freeware or have an expired copyright.

If you are the author of some content that we provide on the editor, and you don't want this content to be used as is, royalty free by our users, for commercial and non commercial usage, contact us so we can remove the content from the website.

We are not liable for your use of the media content

Copyright status for any particular media content such as images and fonts, can only be ultimately determined through the judicial system. While careful research has gone into sourcing the media content used on this site, there is always a possibility that some of the resources are not in the public domain or some other free commercial license. As we wish to continue to offer these resources for your use and enjoyment, you must accept full responsibility for using them.

When creating an account, you accept that Mersica Inc., it's owners, employees and volunteers do not make any guarantees that images, fonts, and other resources we provide are free of copyright, are fitted for any particular purpose, and assume no liability for their use. You, the account holder, take full responsibility for the use of these resources.
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