Requisitos de sistema para rodar nosso software de design gráfico, Fatpaint

Recommended browsers

1. Firefox
2. Google Chrome
3. Opera
4. Internet Explorer

Cookies and Javascript must be enabled. Other browsers may not work correctly, due to their bad support of Java Applets.

Browser Plugins

You need to have Adobe's Flash 10 or newer and Sun's Java 6 or newer installed. We use Java applets for transferring images from the editor to the outside world and for searching on WikiMedia. Some editor actions will cause an applet security dialog to appear, you have to accept the request for the action to be performed. If you fail to do this, a retry will not work unless you close all browser windows.

Operating system

We recommend Windows 7 with 2 gigabytes or more of ram and 1 gigabyte or more of video memory and a fast graphics card. However, the editor should work fine on older systems as long you have enough graphics memory. The editor also works on Apple and Linux but Java has been disabled on these systems. On Linux, the editor only works on Firefox.

During the first 4 years, we developed the editor on an old Windows XP pc with a slow AMD X2 processor and a crappy graphics card, so a lot of effort was put on optimization.

Internet browser support for Flash and Java Applets

Unfortunetely we were not able to make the Java and Flash integration work on Linux and Apple Internet browsers, so we decided to completely disable the use of our Java applet on these platforms and rely solely on Flash for saving images. The WikiMedia search functionality rely on Java, so it will be disabled on Linux and Apple browsers.

Minimum requirements

Windows XP with 1 gigabyte of graphics memory and 1 gigabyte of ram. If you experience graphic problems in the editor, the cause may be that there is too little video memory for the amount of graphics in your project, doing a reload on the web browser usually helps. You may need to work with smaller image sizes or a smaller history buffer.


We recommend working with the editor in Full Screen mode. To switch to Full Screen just press F11, if nothing happens, press somewhere outside the editor, for example, in the browser address bar, and try again. We also recommend that you learn some of the editor shortcuts and save your project frequently. It's a good idea to disable some of the panels (User Guide panel, Project settings panel, Pages panel) to make more room for the Canvas and increase performance.

Start Fatpaint graphic design software
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